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Static library call


I have a static library written in C++ (test.lib). Can I call this library method from system plugin? I copied test.lib in plugin folder and trying to call method exposed by lib but getting error. Is there any difference between calling a custom dll's method and custom lib's method?

code snippet from library:
// header file
namespace TestLibrary
DWORD TestCall(LPCWSTR str); // Based on string content this method return 0 or 1

code snippet from nsi script

System::Call 'Test::TestLibrary::TestCall(t "custom string") i .R0'

MessageBox MB_OK "Test $R0" ; it print Test Error, I am expecting some int value

Any pointer highly appreciated..

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A .LIB is not executable code, you must create a .DLL. The System plug-in does not understand C++ namespaces either, you should export the function as a undecorated C function.

return 42;
and add a .DEF file or whatever method your tool-chain uses to export functions.

Use http://www.dependencywalker.com/ to look at your exported function name.

Plug-ins in the plug-ins folder only work when they follow the NSIS plug-in function ABI and you don't use the System plug-in to call them.

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Look through the source code at https://github.com/kichik/nsis/tree/.../Contrib/ExDLL to learn how to make NSIS plugin entry points.
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