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"Edit CD Info" window is baffling

Here's the issue, the Edit CD Info window used to have the cd artist and title year and genre, and then a two column list you could scroll of ALL the tracks titles and artists. It wasn't exactly an edit-in-place gridtool, you moved your highlight onto each track and a track title and track artist edit box at the bottom let you change, copy/paste, etc, so you could edit up and down, to and fro, all the tracks of a disc, and then done.

But now more often the Edit CD Info window is showing tons of information, yes, more ID3v2.x rather than just ID3v1, I understand, BUT, and there had to be a BUT, BUT the problem is it shows ONLY ONE track at a time.

What seems to happen is once you edit one song, and press OK, then the same windows "reappears" for the next song, and so forth. It seems to depend if you highlighted the entire list of tracks in the Media Library and then invoked the Alt-3 or right click Edit Cd Info, or did you just have one song highlighted.

It's frustrating, it's counter-intuitive, it's blech!

You'll experience this if you try non-commercial CDs that have nothing or CD-Text to go by (such as all my own performance recordings)

Now, whether you get the old interface or the new interface does NOT so much matter what version of WinAmp, it seems to depend on OTHER things, like are you installing on Windows XP older or does it have newer Windows Media Player or is Vista or Windows 7. (So I gather WinAmp's design and behaviour is dependant on a version of a DLL in the OSes audio support as to whether ID3v1 or ID3v2.x is supported and what Gracenotes/freedb support there is)

I want that good old one back. By adding support for all the new stuff, ya great, but by doing so you've taken away some of the simplicity, and made it, erm, I wouldn't say more difficult, certainly counter-intuitive, and yes more difficult as far as it is now highly dependant on what you first highlight in the media library before clicking edit CD info as to what track windows will or will not pop up next.

So what I'd like to suggest is an improvement, the best of both worlds, whereby:
a) you can edit all the tracks from the ONE window interface and b) you can navigate freely among the tracks to do so (without having to "be surprised" whether yet another window for yet another one track at a time is going to show up or not)

To that end I'd suggest
a) that File Info window be improved to be more of an Edit CD Info window and somehow along the left hand side there be a list of tracks one can scroll up and down and click highlight on such that all the tabs and boxes it now shows change to that song
b) navigation buttons be added to the interface so one can move to the previous/next track

Naturally, this will present a new problem that has to be considered, when jumping around on the list or navigating forward or back through the tracks, was any change made to the current track info, and if so, should those changes be saved or abandoned. To solve that I propose instead of just Ok and Cancel butons for one track at a time one window at a time, you a) can have Ok button that saves and jumps to the next track (instead of closing and magically opening the next track window), until that is the selected tracks of the parent calling window had all been done, like it does now, b) an Undo button would Undo changes on the current track putting it back to the way it was when you naviagted to that track (clicked it then greys-out to imply you cannot undo changes already saved to the other tracks, unless you want to buffer multiple undo and cache all the changes and save them all at once at the end?) c) a Cancel button would cancel editing as it does now, and d) << Prev and >> Next buttons could be appropriately placed there.

yeah yeah yeah ID3v2.x has all this additional information of every single track, producer, performer, engineer, etc etc etc, but if part of the design could focus on the major ID3 tags, cut#, titles and artists, and sure VERY usefully, Genre(s) and Year on a track by track and not just the entire CD basis, that'd be great.

A full editable grid with selectable columns, a la mp3tag, would of course be the ideal. But I'll settle for my suggestions

Does that make sense? I hope so.
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