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Hello There,

I was searching for ShoutCast Utilities, I want to use ShoutCast in my personal website is it possible? I know a friend who has it in his website, and he stream the songs from there. I searched winamp.com but I didnt find any files that support this features. So, anyone can help me out here?


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To run a shoutcast stream you have to:

1) Have access to a system running the shoutcast server. This can either be a *nix or windows running the shoutcast server software, and it needs to be set up to allow you to connect. If you have a hosted box at an ISP you can run it on there. If not there are people out there that provide this type of service. Go find one.

2) Have the shoutcast dsp plugin running in your winamp and set it up to run a stream to your server. You will need a decent, 24/7 net connection for this to be worthwhile.

I've not seen a service that allows you to run winamp on their box, and host all your mp3 files there to stream it.

Then of course you need to manage your stream. That's mainly up to you and sitting with your winamp, or leaving it with a big list on shuffle. There are systems to help you DJ on shoutcast, go find them...
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