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I want to be able to use WinAmp to play MP3s on a remote server, just as if the files were on my local hard drive.

- Don't waste CPU reencoding my MP3s. Just stream them. (128 kbps => 1 MB/min => 15kb/s, which should be okay for my cable modem's 30kb/s upload speed)
- I want the WinAmp playlist to list files on the remote server, and "Add remote file"/"Add remote directory"
- I want the WinAmp controls to work. (i.e. no separate web interface)
- I don't care if there is multiple listener support or not

Basically, I would like to have the same kind of ease of use that I would have if I could mount my home drive on whatever machine I happen to be on. I suppose that a mini file-server would need to be running on the home machine that could accept WinAmp-based commands like "get MP3 files in dir foo", "stream file foo", etc. There would also need to be a local plugin that could talk to the server.

I tried shoutcast with a web-based interface but (1) decoding and reencoding seems to be needless, (2) the stream kept breaking up, even at 56K (did I do my math wrong?), and (3) it's not designed for remote control, and the web-based interface was clunky.

Thoughts, anyone?
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