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Why listen to music from unknown bands

I'm not posting a link to my band or anything, just a few general observations on people's complete lack of interest (including my own) in listening to new random unsigned bands.

You work on a CD for a year, utterly consumes you, you feel you're really onto something and you have your band members arguing whether you should sell it for $12.99 or $10.99 and should we make 500 copies or 1,000 - with the guy at the studio telling you what a better deal 1,000 is.

You hand it your friends, people from work who've been saying "can't wait to hear it" and then you find out two weeks later they haven't gotten around to listening to it. A few random strangers on CDbaby buy it when it shows up in the new artist section (is that their hobby, building a collection of random unsigned bands). Those four people actually logged their credit card in, and waited for it to arrive by mail. God bless them but I couldn't imagine doing that.

Getting on I-Tunes seemed like it would open doors, but who is going to stumble upon my stupid band and pony up even 99 cents? Would I? No. I dont want my ipod cluttered with nonsense.

So I gave it away and after saying "I can't even give it away" found that I could, that some people, a certain minority would actually take it, actually download the cd etc.

Which has totally changed my approach to writing songs. I used to write short stories but who am i gonna get to read that. I thought songs are only 3 minutes, people can listen to that, but they really can't, if the song sucks, you just wasted 3 minutes of their time. you have 30 seconds, if you're lucky, to get them interested enough to listen for another 30 seconds...and if there's any place you stumble during that next 30 seconds, that's it. People don't need to be bothered, myself included.

Which leads to my last long winded point. When I first got criticism from people who never did anything creative, i would think "i'd like to see you create something from scratch." But they never claimed to, never demanded attention from anyone. But when you put a song out there you are demanding attention. people have the right to say get that cr*p out of my face. they have tons of music that they're fond of without listening to your third rate nonsense, and can i blame them, not at all.
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