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Winamp Pro Customizable

I have only three wishes....

1. Winamp can handle HUGE libraries of music (300k songs +) without crashing during uploading of library folder.

2. Winamp Pro, since it costs money, should be more customizable. I would like to be able to disable or remove any online services, including ads, streaming music and videos. I run Winamp primarily for my own music collection, so these features only slow the program down or possibly crash it altogether. I would like to be able to stream my own private music collection within my own private network. That is all I need it to do.

3. Winamp apps for ALL three platforms, Windows, Android and Apple. (Linux would be cool too)

P.S. Winamp's playlist features, MP3 tags and overall player is the best I have EVER come across.


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#1 - you need to be using the current Winamp release -> http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....74929#download (use the .co.uk version as that includes the required patches).

#2 - that has been possible irrespective of Winamp version for over a decade. just don't install what you don't want or you can uninstall plug-ins when Winamp is already installed via the plug-in preference pages.

#3 - no one knows what will be provided by the new owners, though i strongly doubt you will see a native Linux version.
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