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Thumbs up Time difference between two files - ${FileTimeDiff}

I thought maybe this can be useful to some.. works great for me.

PHP Code:
Get the difference between two file times
;; P1 :iFile name A.
P2 :iFile name B.
P3 :oNumber of seconds between the two filescan be negative of positive
define FileTimeDiff "!insertmacro _FileTimeDiff"
!macro _FileTimeDiff _File1_ _File2_ _Diff_
$0  ;; File Search Handle File Time (UTC) (100 ns unit64bit int)
Push $3  ;; File Info (struct) / File-2 Time (UTC) (Seconds)
Push $4  ;; File-1 Time (UTC) (Seconds)

System::Call '*(i, l, l, l, i, i, i, i, &t260, &t14) i .r3'  ;; Create WIN32_FIND_DATA Struct

!insertmacro ___FileTimeUTCSeconds "${_File1_}"  ;; Get File1 UTC Time in Seconds
!insertmacro ___FileTimeUTCSeconds "${_File2_}"  ;; Get File2 UTC Time in Seconds
::Int64Op $- $3                          ;; Calculate File Time Difference

Pop $4
!macro ___FileTimeUTCSeconds _File_
::Call 'kernel32::FindFirstFileA(t, i) i("${_File_}", r3) .r0'  ;; Find file info
$-1 0 0 +4  ;; if handle <= -not ok
Pop $0
Goto _ftdexit     ;; do not even check the other file
;; Else (valid handle)
System::Call 'kernel32::FindClose(i) i(r0)'  ;; Close file search

::Call '*$3(i, l, l, l, i, i, i, i, &t260, &t14) i (,,, .r0)'  ;; Get File time
::Int64Op $10000000  ;; Conversion From '100 ns' >TO'1 sec' unit


Just began nsis scripting about a month ago, so feel free to suggest a better coding for this.
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Nice work!
Maybe you could add new parameter where user could choose which times to compare?
1: ftCreationTime;
2: ftLastAccessTime;
3: ftLastWriteTime;

Do not forget to add this article to wiki!

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Also made it 3-modes.
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