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Sudden loss of sound - but all checks out

Hi Guys

I have suddenly lost all sound output from anything I use for audio - including winamp. I don't have anything accidentally set to mute. Device manager says the device is working ok. There does not seem to be a newer driver for it either. Output is REaltek Speakers - same as always.

Winamp is my default for MP3s. It will open, and show the song title, but the display just reads 00.00 and will not play. I tried opening an MP3 with Windows Media Player, but as usual it just gives a meaningless error report that I could not resolve online.

I can't get any sound from Youtube videos.

I also use a piece of software called TrakAx which I use to play back MP3s slowed down so I can jam along. That too will open but not play (I mean "not play." - I don't mean it is playing back, but I get no sound - it just does nothing at all, the same as in Winamp)

I also use an editor called Audacity. It will also open MP3s but not play them - like TrakAx. Audacity gives me an error message - "Error while opening. Check output device settings and sample rate." Not ENTIRELY sure what that means, but it would appear to be ok - the sample rate is 4400 and output device is Realtek Speakers, which is also correct. I have tried to attached a screenshot of something from Audacity that might mean something to someone, but I don't know if it attached or not - should have, but...

Can anyone offer any tips or advice please? It's driving me nuts. I don't know if this might mean anything, but I updated my Java to the latest version, but that might just be a coincidence - I don't know if Java has anything to do with audio playback.

All advice welcome please
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Better late then never, however...

Have you tried reinstalling your sound card/chip drivers? Otherwise, if anyone is to help we will need system specs info.

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Or possibly the file youre trying to play is corrupt, does it do it with all files or just one?

Its possible you have two soundcards with all audio going to the second one, and that one being muted.

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