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Mental SHarp, Jan 28th

Mcs Armanni and Sharpness, the nation's hottest mcs in drum and bass, display their skills in a live and exciting hip hop set exclusively at The Program. Performing hits from their debut mix cd "On and Poppin" plus newer cuts from the impending full length album, Mental Sharp is set to "bus' up the place" with high energy, lyrical wizardry and musical poetry.

Wednesday, January 28th 2003
Substitution presents:

The Program

Starting January 28th, the drum and bass community will embrace a new avenue of expression. Although the musical aspect of drum and bass has been championed and promoted for many years the artistic, scientific and cultural side of our community has had little opportunity to showcase and express. The diversity drum and bass music draws in a wide variety of peoples from all walks of life, who each have matured into creative entities. Our community features many exceptional painters, dancers, writers and musicians. The Program will give opportunity and voice to these people and their creativity.

Many of our favorite Drum and Bass personalities have expertise and experience in acting, dance, literature and art. Watch out for feature presentations of their work. The Program even has it's own forum which is located at http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/mb/substitution where we can exchange ideas, thoughts and suggestions. We will regularly post event updates at this forum also.

The Program has lined up fashion shows, art exhibits, dance competitions and more. We have a "selection box" where you may drop off a mix or tune anonymously. For 15 mins during each night we will play those tunes in our "Apollo Section" Here is when the crowd decides what they like or dislike.

Clayton the Chemist
Fuzzy Logic
Mental Sharp

Location: 5spot, 5 bank Street, Philadelphia
Age: 21+
Time: 10pm - 2am
Price: $5

---The Program----21+----Arts, Music and Entertainment ----5Spot---$5------January 28th----------------

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My thoughts exactly

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Mine also. WTF.

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