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Any way to use audio DSP with sc_trans on Linux?

It seems like there might be a way to take the output of sc_trans and it churns through a playlist and run it through an audio DSP via LADSPA on Ubuntu 12.04.... so, sc_trans => LADPSA => sc_serv.

In particular I want to run a compressor / limiter plugin in LADSPA. My MP3 files have widely varying levels and also wildly varying dynamic range, using MP3GAIN doesn't really do the trick, I need something that will compress and limit the audio of the stream.

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output of the now defunct and unsupported sc_trans is an icy or ultravox 2.1 stream. You would need something that behaves like sc_serv for sc_trans to connect to, then it would need to decode the stream, apply the DSP, encode the stream and then behave like a shoutcast source client to connect to sc_serv

should be able to do that in a few hours I reckon

of course, you could replace the now defunct and unsupported sc_trans with liquidsoap, and apply the LADSPA stuff before encoding the first time, that way you wont need the unnecessary decode/encode step which will invariably decrease the quality of the stream

You'd end up with:

liquidsoap -> DNAS

far simpler than

sc_trans -> your_as_yet_unwritten_program -> DNAS

"If you don't like DNAS, write your own damn system"

So I did
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