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Could somebody alert me to the exact funtion of the Winamp Agent. Is it really useful, or is it just taking up a few cycles?
Much obliged

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rtux -

The file "winampa.exe" contains the program that Winamp refers to as "Agent".

The original purpose of "Agent" was to help prevent evil programs such as Real Player from stealing Winamp's file associations. "Agent" runs continually in the background (as winampa.exe) and writes to your hard disk, which interferes with ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter.

I recommend that you initially try to run Winamp with "Agent" disabled. Open Winamp, go to Winamp Preferences (Ctrl+P), select "Agent" and make sure all three boxes are UNCHECKED. Close Winamp.

Then check the Close Program window (Ctrl+Alt+Del ONCE) and "winampa" should no longer be listed.

If you DO have problems with Real Player (or other programs) stealing file associations, you can always go back to Preferences and CHECK the Agent boxes. Just remember that you will need to temporarily disable it whenever you want to run ScanDisk or Disk Defragmenter.

If you decide you REALLY don't want Agent around and/or it won't stay "gone" when you disable it, do the following:

Close Winamp and go to the Close Program window. If "winampa" is listed, select it and click the "End Task" button. Then, using Windows Explorer, go to your Winamp folder (usually "C:\Program Files\Winamp") and rename, move, or delete "winampa.exe".

Agent is a less-than-perfectly-designed "feature" because of its interference with ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter. Others have noted that Agent might be acceptable if it was reprogrammed not to write to disk. Perhaps it will be improved in Winamp 3.

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There are a couple other things, Winamp's agent does. For one, if you tell it, it's ok, it sends usage statistics back to Nullsoft. But the best thing I like about it, is it keeps the Winamp Icon in your Systray all the time. This makes starting Winamp quick and easy.

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Thanks for all your help.
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