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Andrew Monk
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How do I play Winamp files on a uPnP device?

Apologies, I know that there are threads on this elsewhere, but they are a bit technical and I would really appreciate some simple advice.

I have a Sony Blue Ray player connected to my network over Homeplug. I used originally used Windows Media Player before upgrading to WinAmp which is much Better! Most of my music is now in MPEG-4 format and I was able to stream to the Blue ray player quite nicely. On Christmas Day my PC had a fatal crash and have now rebuilt the PC from scratch, re-installing WinAmp. However I can no longer stream music or pictures. I think I must have lost the server that comes with WMP. I don't want to reinstall WMP11 if I can help it and I cannot find a light weight server I can get working. I have tried the On2share plug in and it appears on the plug in list, but the Sony can't see a server.

Is there a simple light weight way of playing my music on the Blue ray player in the other room, am I doing something wrong with On2share?

Help appreciated.
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I have been looking for an answer to this for some time, there is nothing solid out there for winamp; unfortunately most of the forum posts will direct you to one of these three options, which I will add my experience with each one.
Systems setup: all tests are done on Win7, Winamp 5.621, and a Pioneer receiver (dlna, upnp)
Please note that in WM12.0, right out of the box, I can send music to Pioneer receiver, WMP recognizes the receiver and plays back music on it with no problem, so this proves that recognizing the receiver over wireless network is not an issue.

UPnP MediaServer ControlPoint plug-in v0.8.0
Result: Even after its long scanning time, it still can not find the receiver, so I don't know what it is trying to connect to. If I have On2Share plugin installed, then UPnP recognizes only On2Share recognized devices which is not useful really.

This one keeps crashing Winamp. I had it working literally yesterday, and today it stopped working, doesn't recognize receiver, and also displays a jargon of online links for each track of winamp media gallery, very strange. Restarted and still not working.

Result: Under media gallery I can see the DLNA entry and my computer's music , but playing any track doesn't play them from the receiver, in fact there is no option to tell it to play something through the DLNA-enabled receiver.

One last note: After each test, I usually use WMP to send one track to receiver only to make sure that the connection is still working, receiever is not in sleep mode, etc.
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Thanks for letting us know. Saves a lot of time.
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