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Hi, I've got Winamp 2.75 and I got more and more hang ups, when opening the file info of lots of songs.
When opening the file info my computer hang itself up and I got no other change then to restart it. What can I do???
By the way same thing happens on 2.74.
All the Best
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re-install, run scan disk. try to free system resources
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freeze up

I think that I have a similar problem.My p.c.freezes up when I open winamp.Sometimes straight away,sometimes after a few minutes and some times it will run for quite a while before it freezes.It happens mainly when i am trying to alter settings or scroll through my playlist.Very frustrating.I am running on an older pentium II at 266 mhz,
windows 98 2nd edition and have nearly 2 gb free space on my harddisk.I regularly run scandisk and de-frag (once a month at least)This started when i installed 2.73.I would prefer not to have to go back and install an older version of winamp.So any help would be appreciated.
many thankks from "Oldrikki"
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I wouldn't say this was related to FHT's problem.
It sounds more like a 3rd party plugin problem.
Have you installed any recently?
First thing to do would be to disable all General Purpose plugins, if relevant.
Close Winamp, goto Winamp\Plugins dir & rename all gen_*.dll's with the OFF extension, eg. gen_mircex.dll.off, gen_nomad.dll.off, etc.
Reopen Winamp, goto Prefs (Ctrl+P):
Plugins: uncheck "auto exec vis plugin on play"
Click "flush plug-in name cache"
Set Plugin priority to "Normal" (if not already)
DSP/FX: select "None"
Output: select "WaveOut"

If problem still persists, close Winamp, goto Winamp dir & remove winamp.ini
Next time you open Winamp, a new ini file will be created with all the default values.

Still no joy:

Uninstall -> Reinstall procedure:

Backup the Skins dir & any 3rd party plugins (vis, input, etc)
If relevant, also backup the bookmark list (winamp.bm) & any saved EQ presets (.Q2 & .EQF files)
Uninstall Winamp (via Add/Remove Programs)
If you installed support for it, first uninstall MJuice Components.
Delete the Winamp dir (and MJuice dir, if relevant).
Also check to see if you've installed any other 3rd party plugins that also create entries in Add/Remove programs (eg. WildTangent games). If so, uninstall these b4 Winamp.
Delete C:\Windows\winamp.ini
Reinstall Winamp
If you want, you can get an older version from http://www.winampheaven.com

Try the default setup at first *
If this works ok, add your backups one by one, closing & reopening Winamp inbetween.

* Naturally, you can change/uncheck the prefs in the final setup screen, eg. Associate with files/CD's; maintain associations; create shortcuts; etc.

If you still experience problems, then it's more likely that your problem is a Windows or Hardware related one, not Winamp.
Run your Anti-Virus software, re-install drivers (Soundcard, Videocard, DirectX, etc.)
Make sure that there's not too many programs open that are causing a lack of available free CPU/system resources, and also make sure none of these are interfering with normal operations (eg. Real-Time virus protection, Firewall, etc.)

What software was originally used to encode these files?
I'm thinking that maybe it was something like MusicMatch JukeBox?
MMJB uses a modified version of ID3v2, where it adds cetain customized fields to the tags. These particular fields are only compatible with MMJB. If this was the case, it could well cause some confusion for other ID3 tag editors that can't properly read these extra fields. If possible, edit the tags (with the original program) to remove these extra fields and then Winamp will be able to read them ok again.

Really, apart from some of the other suggestions outlined above, the only other thing that could be causing the freeze is if the actual MP3's are corrupt or damaged in some way?

btw, are the tags ID3v1 or ID3v2 ?
Check this thread out for a list of ID3 tag editors:

Another useful tool is MP3 Utility (checks MP3's for errors):

Good luck!

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