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Reading HTTP responce.

ALl the music videos keep coming up with
Reading HTTP responce.
and stays there for ages

The other versions have been find but this one may I say is not as good! It seems buggy to me! and how can you turn of that stupid CD NAME thingy that where it finds the name of the song? it really annoys me, I know the song in my head and sont need to know whats it called.


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What music videos?
You mean the online streams available in:
Media Library > Online Media > Shoutcast TV / Winamp Video ?

If so, then they all work fine for me (except for where the server is full with some of the TV streams).

Make sure your internet connection type is properly configured in:
Winamp > Prefs > General Preferences

Make sure you are not blocking internet access to winamp.exe with your firewall.

Nothing's changed there. It's still the same as it was in all previous versions.
Winamp > Prefs > Plugins > Input > CD Plugin (in_cdda.dll) > Config:
Uncheck "Use CDDB"
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