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AND NOW........ DEEP THOUGHTS....by yours truly!

haha....I loved the good old 90s SNL show. But boy it sure sucks now a days! (at least last few times I bothered to watch it) GOOD LORD....and I wonder if they actually PAY the audience to laugh???? Seriously!

OK..now going along with the title of my here post.--- Here NOW, is my little "JACK HANDY" sketch! For all you gigglin-gigglers out there! hehe! Remember the music, and Phil Hartman's voice........"AND NOW.....DEEP THOUGHTS" By sherwin maxawow!

OH SHIT, Wait.......oh NO!... SHIT!............... I fu**in FORGOT!
MY deep thought.... DAMNIT!!! AND it was good one too!!!!

Maybe I will remember it later, and then I promise to tell you.....or at least I HOPE!

BUT SHIT! But that really pisses me off! Really... I am sorry!

UHG!...How embarrassing! Sheesh!


Anyways......I just really wanted to say hi! I hope you all don't think I am a freak.......even though I am! But I kinda like being freaky, in a way! I also dont take myself too seriously.....most of the time!

But freaky or not... I do have love in my heart, and its a growing like mushroom right now, lately! And I suppose I now have REAL HOPE INSIDE....making all the difference.


You guys????...... can u all please (if any of you pray).....

please pray for me... k? And I really do mean that too! Tears and all.


You are all my friends! IN MY HEART.
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