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Greetings from the land of tulips.
For some time my beloved winamp has been freezing up my p.c.
It happens mainly when I am changing settings or scrolling through the playlist.Sometimes it freezes as soon as I open winamp,sometimes a few minutes later and on the odd occassion it runs for quite a while before it gives up the ghost.I have an older pentium II at 266mhz,windows 98 2nd edition,soundblaster 16 and nearly 2mb of free space on my harddisk.This glitch has begun since installing 2.73.I have upgraded to 2.75 hoping to alleviate the trouble,but it didn't help.I regularly run scandisk and de-frag (at least once a month)I would rather not have to re-install an older version of winamp ,so any hints or ideas would be gratefully received.
many thanks "Oldrikki"
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Running any dodgy 3rd-party plugins, particularly general purpose ones?
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An even more extensive reply here:

In future, please don't crosspost or (in this case) doublepost!
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