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Windows 2000 Pro SP1:

1) Winamp, when used with Unreal Tournament will crash the system causing a KMODE_EXCEPTION_FAULT halt. Some say it may have to do with my video card, or CPU, but i've tested enough to finally say that it is with these two programs. The trigger for the crash is when Unreal Tournament is windowed, and you right click on Winamp to get the menu.

2) Winamp combined with Windows Media Player 6.4 will crash if an attempt is made to access the options in WMP.

I've tested my system, and found no faults in the hardware. I've also tested previous versions of Winamp, in which no crashes occur in the same manner. System specs are below:

Windows 2000 Pro SP1
Pentium 3 500
256 MB RAM
Soundblaster Live!
nVidia Viper V770 32mb TNT2 Ultra
40GB Western Digital
20GB Maxtor
Current display on UT was 1024x768 32bit
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holy crap!

dayum. thnx DJegg. i'm fresh on this board, but thanks for the pointer, i'll give those solutions a shot.
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