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Winamp 5.21 and Windows Vista Build 5342

Just got these both running,

Am impresed, winamp starts much quicker than it does in XP.

One problem though, the media library is virtually unusable. When trying to add files to it you get a winamp library error (it says in the error something like this shouldn't happen!)

I know vista is in beta (thats why i'm testing it) but are any of the devs/winamp beta testers using vista as well? Are they monitoring the situation or are they just gonna wait till it releases next year.

Still loving winamp goodness.....WMP 11 blows!!

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I have been experiencing the same problem If i have the Media library open winamp just shuts down. I did one of those send in an error things but microsoft said that it had a solution and told me to update winamp. i have the latest version and it still doesn't work.

have you tried it in the classic or modern skin?

I'll try switching it to classic to see if that works.
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Ah crap, this doesn't sound good... I was planning on installing Vista today... but if that'll screw up my Winamp I'm not so sure I can risk it... Any news?

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Yep Media Library in quite screwed in this build. Also trying to change the skins on the fly does not seem to work. ONly when u restart winamp will the skin come up.

Are any of the developers working towards a more compatable vista version???
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When Vista comes out I bet there will be one, but I really wouldn't be expecting it until then.

If you want to run a Beta OS you have to know it's gonna break shit.

Count with us!
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Several issues ive encountered are first and the most noteable is winamp closes when a USB device is plugged in or unplugged causing an error for some reason. the skin issue is somewhat resolved using classic skins, while using modern skins changing the volume brings up a black box. and lastly the direct sound output seems to freeze winamp up a lot. for now ive switched back to the classic waveOut.
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You can be reeeeeally lucky...

...because Winamp doesn't work on my pc with vista! thats horrible!!! I tried the compatibility-modes...didn't work!
I've also downloaded Winamp 5.24, but - you can guess - didn't work.
a pc isn't a pc without winamp!!! no joke!
so...who got a idea?
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Originally posted by drewbar
If you want to run a Beta OS you have to know it's gonna break shit.

the computer is never at fault for an error; a human is, though.
DO NOT PM me for tech support.
No matter what you're doing, use the right tool for the job!
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