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wii issue

delighted, getting guys in modern warfare three, all is dandy. ... "error occured..." ::sad feeling::

it was sudden, no past notice of possible occurrence that it may fail. it grabs the disc, gives it's two bolstering machine sounds (as it always has,) but then a cold absence of the reassuring whir of the disc spinning. screen only tells me that there is a disc read error. it refuses to spin anything. not wii, nor cube discs, nary a cd. cheaters are always threatening, "i'll fry your wii from here." is that a thing? what can be done?

searches yield: 'call nintendo.' wii is outmoded, bought used. nintendo, friendly seeming as they are, wont care. these observed results have their years. has there been a less perilous path discovered in the time since?

i have a reluctant posture over the a-bomb that is a memory reformat. that seems hasty, and probably wont work. will it? what do?

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If it's a disk drive mod, rather than soft mod, then that is probably to blame.
You or someone else opening it up to look at the mod chip/drive is the best option.
Get it de-soldered and if the drive spins up again, yay, otherwise the drive probably needs replacing. Also there are several softmods that don't even use the disk drive.

Also those people claiming to do stuff remotely? They are just ego inflating, attention seeking and probably too retarded to know better. (You know, just like in most games on most systems)

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it wasnt modded. the drive just crapped out. it is a thing that happens apparently. i couldnt run down any mcguyver remedies. looked up the serial number ordered the corresponding appropriate drive, put it in, and to my dismay they did not send me what i ordered. it doesnt accept cube discs. it is ridiculous how many times ordering off of the internet has gone sour for me. at least i can still play my wii games again. ill see if i can muster the gusto to either to order another drive, or perhaps just buy another plincoplinco all together.

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