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Decompressing Bug?

I'm trying to create a simple bundle where I execute 2 exe's, one after the other. Very simple script:
File "One.exe"
ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\One.exe"'
File "Two.exe"
ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\Two.exe"'

One.exe is a third party software, works perfectly fine when run on its own.
Two.exe is mine, works perfectly fine when run on its own.

When I create a merged bundle of the two programs, the NSIS installer gets stuck in some sort of loop which keeps spawning One.exe (hundreds of times) and the only thing that's visible (although flashing rapidly) is a Decompressing progress bar. There isn't even a loop defined in my nsis script. Looking at the list of processes running, I see 1 instance of my installer and hundreds of instances of One.exe launching.

When I remove the bundling and just put One.exe, same thing happens. Creating a wrapper around One.exe seems to cause some sort of infinite loop trying to spawn One.exe. Although running One.exe as a standalone works perfectly fine.

Has anyone seen such a thing? Any ideas on how to diagnose? I don't want to provide the One.exe file here as it gets so bad you'll need to reboot your PC.

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You should at least share a minimum script that shows this issue, otherwise there's not much we can say. Please use http://pastebin.com/ to paste large amounts of code.
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