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Winamp v5.61 queues the wrong "double" song

Hi all,

I have an unusual behavior of Winamp which started when I upgraded to v5.61.

I have a really long playlist of say 1500 files or so, and I keep it sorted so that the whole albums are in the upper part, and just some songs from those albums are in the lower part of the playlist.
Now, when I am listening songs from the lower part of the playlist with various artists, if I want to queue the song that is say, 12 places under the one that is currently playing, when I press "Q" Winamp queues the one this in the beginning of the playlist, in the albums part, like 1200 places away.

How can I prevent Winamp to do this, how do I make it queue the "lower" song in the playlist, and not the "upper" one?

P.S. Those are the same files, taken from the same album on the hard drive, I just have them 2 times in the playlist. Windows Vista Business SP1, as OS.

I Hope someone knows the solution to this.
Thank a lot!
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the JTFE plug-in which implements the 'q' feature will never be able to do what you're wanting unless changes are made in Winamp itself and is how it has been since i created the plug-in back in 2004. the reason is how the plug-in attempts to track movements in the playlist editor's contents and if there's more than one instance of a file then the first is the one that gets used since once playlist change happens, it's not sensible to assume the position of playlist items and so a refresh happens of the file positions leading to the first occurrence being used. maybe one day i'll get around to sorting out a patch for Winamp but that's wishful thinking on my part (and having the time) to do it.

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Oh DrO...

Ah well, then I guess I will have to make 2 playlists or something.
If you ever decide to work on that, rest assured there will be at least one person to support it.

Thanx for the reply.

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