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Make Winamp Modern Skins Like A Pro!!


Simply follow our easy 4-step program, and you too will find the skinning world becomes a fun and happy place to work in.

Step 1: Check the instructions!!!
Winamp's Official Skin Dev Section and many other skin sites have kindly opened their databases to the public, allowing you to understand the inner workings of the Winamp3 skin engine. They dare to show you what other sites force you to pay for, breaking the skin engine down in simple, easy to understand language with supporting pictures and diagrams!

There are also many threads and sites that will help you write your own maki scripts to bring your skins to life, check out the following sites and threads.

Skining and Scripting Links
Skinning/Scripting Tips and Tricks.

Demo Skins(skins with source code)
Christophe's simple skin.
Simple skin.
maki help skin.

Scripting specific links.
Official(yet partial)Maki Documentation.
maki cheats..
How to write a maki script.

Skinning, scripting, XML tutorials.
Frisbeemonkey's WA site
Pixelpusher's winamp3 skinning/scripting tutorial.
Francis' site (Winamp 5 developer).
RhinoTrip's scripting specification site.

Skins sites.
Official Winamp Modern Skins site.

Step 2: Download your tools !!!
No self-respecting Winamp Modern skinner is ever caught without a decent set of skinning tools, you'll need a decent graphics editor, XML editor and one or two other neat little tools to get the most from your skin. Photoshop, PSP and GIMP each offer free trial downloads for the aspiring skinner.

Most skinners use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, but that doesn't mean you have to! GIMP is free period, and an excellent bargain at that. Download now and avoid the rush!!

You'll also need a decent XML editor to help build that skin, you can always use good old Windows notepad, but if you are feeling more daring, you can check out a professional editor, something like Crimson editor or EditPlus are good starting points.

You might also want to check out some graphics tutorials to help sharpen your skills, check out these sites for more info on becoming the next digital Picasso.

Graphic Design Tutorials
Photoshop Skills

Paint Shop Pro

Multiple Editors

Good Times.

Your also going to need a side order of fonts with your skin, more font's than you can possibly take in one sitting can be gained at the following sites.


Step 3: Get to work!!!

For ideas on what you can and can't get away with in the professional skinning world, check the skin submission FAQ. Here you'll gain understanding of the intricate workings of the skin-reviewing mind. Find out what those picky Winamp reviewers look for in a skin, find out how we publish, what rips are and why we don't like them! and much much more.

Find out the secret passwords that will unlock your 5 star dreams and make the reviewers your slaves!!!

Step 4:Have fun !!!
Once you've started on the long and winding road to getting your first skin off the ground it can prove to be a daunting task, but remember, the forums at feature some of the best skinners out there who are more than willing to lend a hand / advice / comments, meet and greet the Winamp3 skinners in the Winamp Modern Skins forum. Stick around, get to know us - we're all a nice, helpful bunch.


Views, guarantees or complete bullshit in the preceding statement are not necessarily the views of the WA3 skinners or the Skin Review Squad. All links used without permission. By providing them or any other information we are in no way liable for personal loss, injury or i illegal activity.

Original WA2 skin thread by BullGawd, edited by Atmo, original WA3 FAQ by sawg.
These threads and many others butchered and edited together by Jones.

Last updated 29th July 2004 1111GMT
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