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Bluetooth Issue going on

First off, I really like WinAmp ... I purchased the PC version years ago. this is really a nice addition.

So, on my Android phone (Droid X), I enable Bluetooth for my MOTO headset and launch WinAmp Android. Works great - except for 1 issue. When I EXIT out of WinAmp and launch another App (TuneIn Radio -- since WinAmp doesn't provide AM/FM Radio), the Controls for Pause/Stop/Start are anchored to WinAmp; even though WinAmp was Exited. What this causes is I can't Pause/Stop the other APP ... when I press the Pause Button, whatever song I was previously listening to in WinAmp starts playing -- on TOP of the Radio station I'm listening to.

So I guess what needs to happen is when WinAmp is Exited, it needs to RELEASE any Controls it anchored to BlueTooth ... or whatever is causing that.

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Agreed. I'm having this same issue. I'm running a Droid Inc. I notice this problem with Slacker and Pandora. When I close out of Winamp it still listens to the bluetooth events even if another audio app is currently playing.
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Same issue going on with the latest version of WinAmp Android that I installed last week.

Is anyone at WinAmp seeing this problem?????
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I have the same problem with an HTC Evo. I uninstalled it for this reason for now. I like it as a media player, so I'll reinstall once they fix this bluetooth hijacking problem.
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