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error in insert: 8007002

I searched for this error number in the forum and "0":

Ok, so I have a brand new Sansa 4G Clip. I load my playlist and about 2% of the songs will not load and in my Transer Queue I get this under status:

"Error in Insert: 80070002"

So... has anyone ever seen this? Is there a solution? Is it the Sansa?


As side note, when I choose to remove all files from the device option (from the same Sansa clip in discussion) Winamp crashes upon completion of the removal. The files are removed, but when I try to drag the removed playlist back to the sansa clip portable devise, it will not load. (the icon when dragging and clicking is NOT a red dash, but a plus, so it visually says yes, but in operation, it fails to add that song list). Now, I then try adding a completely different playlist....and it loads...(with some having the error as above still)


PS I have winamp 5.531, Vista premium home, dual core 2g ram yada yada yada. Need more details? Just post the request!
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Ok, more details:

So the second playlist (described above as a part of the "side note" was removed with files removed. No crash this time....however a peculiar error occurred.

In the troubleshooting, I of course disconnected then reconnected the sansa device between syncing attempts so as to allow winamp to freshly read its content, so after the second attempt, I removed the songs and then unplugged and plugged it again...looking at the device through winamp shows nothing. No files.

HOWEVER, when I explore the device with my operating system I see that all file folders ARE STILL PRESENT, but the .mp3 files are NOT! Also the playlist are still present WITH NO DATA (0 bytes)

I next manually delete the empty album file folders and the zero data playlists....and (without disconnecting and reconnecting) I can load one of the previously loaded playists. Though I still get the error 80070002 mixed in.

SOooo please tell me what the problem is. I highly doubt this is the Sansa because I had a Phillips that displayed this behavior and this is why I bought the Sansa...but I could be completely wrong.

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Same error


I had exactly the same error. Actually, WinAmp can't find the files anymore that you try to transfer.

This might be caused by one of the following:

1) You started the transfer and then you moved the source files, or renamed the folders.

2) You rip your CD's to a folder that is not within the list of Watch Folders.
!! Setting of Watch folders:
Preferences - > Media Library -> Local Media -> Watch Folders.

!! Folder setting for Ripped Files:
Preferences -> Media Library -> CD Ripping -> Output File Settings.

If you start a transfer of files it will take a while.

After 2 hours (or sooner, depending on your settings), WinAmp starts to rescan your Watch Folders and will remove the ripped files from your list (since they are not in your Watch Folders).

It will then not find the ripped CD's anymore and can't finish the Transfer job. So if the transfer of the file still has to take place, the error appears.

So the advise is to define a File location for Ripping that falls within the folders you have defined as Watch Folders.

Kind regards,

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Thank you, JoVa!!!!!!!
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