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Docking the Playlist

I use winamp 5 in the winshade mode docked at the top of my screen and it hides automaticaly and i docked the playlist on the side of the screen and it also hides...

Whenever i close winamp and start it up again the playlist isn't docked anymore... i'd like it if the playlist would be docked when i start winamp... thank you

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Yeah, that's a know bug. It seems that with the playlist docked, Winamp will silently crash on exit, so the settings aren't saved.

You can set it manually, though.
Open studio.xnf (in your winamp folder) in notepad.
Look for section "Skin: Winamp Modern"
Then the section "Playlist Editor"
Then the section "Layout: normal"
edit this entry:
<entry name="appbar" value="0" />
value -1 means NOT docked
0 = docked at the left
1 = at the top
2 = at the right
3 = at the bottom

Be sure to have Winamp closed when editing the file. After that reopen Winamp, and your PE should be docked.

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Note, this bug is already fixed for 5.04
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Nah... I have 5.05 and it still doesn't remember the playlist editor docking state. Still need to do the studio.xnf trick!! Nasty stuff...
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Mines is OK...
Winamp 5.05
Win XP SP 2

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Originally posted by Logy
Mines is OK...
Winamp 5.05
Win XP SP 2
Maybe if you adjust the docking on the shade, the return to normal mode, exit winamp. Maybe that can make it save.. I haven't tried this, but it is a possible solution..

And after a short test, it worked..

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