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Milkdrop sticks on one preset

Since I have to include all this:

-List of Plugins
-PC or Motherboard make/model
-Sound card or chip
-Windows OS
-DirectX version
-Winamp version
-Confirmation of the Winamp installation type (Pro, Full, Bundle, Lite)

Here it be:

- Attached
- Gateway GM5260
- Intel Core2Duo E6300, 2GB RAM
- Nvidia GeForce 8500GT
- Windows XP SP3
- DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
- Winamp 5.572
- Full Install

Now to actually describing the problem, Milkdrop had stopped working a few weeks before, so I reinstalled Winamp entirely after messing with the visualization presets to try to get it to work, at that time, it would load but everything was choppy and in slow motion, the other presets worked fine, everything else on my system ran just fine, but Milkdrop was very choppy and slow. After restarting the computer, it didn't fix it, so I installed 5.572, which didn't fix it, and then after poking around with it some more and restarting the computer again, it seemed to work fine, nothing changed with winamp itself that I remember.

And recently I noticed randomly that Milkdrop has stopped changing visualization presets, and was just staying on one, never changing like it normally does. It wasn't doing this after I 'fixed' it the last time, so I tried to find some setting that I might have messed with that made it stay on one preset, but I can't find anything. I've tried changing the seqence from 'random' to 'sequential' and back, and a few other things but nothing is helping this time. Should I reinstall winamp /again/? I really like this plugin and I use it all the time so I'd like for it to work properly.

Edit: To explain the problem a little more, it will change presets if I manually do so, and it runs perfectly and smoothly otherwise, which is why I thought it might be some setting I messed with accidentally but now can't find.

Someone tell me what I'm doing wrong, 'cause I'm an idiot.

Also, it's not any strange malware or virus thing happening, or I'd be very surprised if it was.

Second Edit... Alright, it has randomly started working again, this time after a restart, then messing with presets, then when I ran it fullscreen, it actually started changing like normal, and now after going back to the regular one in the window for winamp, it's changing too.

However, this is still a strange and seemingly recurring problem that I don't understand, so if someone could help explain how and why it's happening I might be able to keep it from happening again.
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1. Winamp > Ctrl+P
2. Plug-ins > Visualizations
3. highlight/select 'MilkDrop' > click the Configure button
4. 'More Settings' tab > uncheck 'Start milkdrop with preset lock (scroll lock key) ON'

Or, toggle the Scroll Lock (once or twice) while MD is active

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5.56, 5.572, milkdrop, stuck, visualization

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