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No concerts

You know- maybe i'm just getting old, i don't know. I haven't been to a concert in like 5 years now. I certainly buy them on dvd though. I have an opportunity to go see someone I really like, then the concert dvd of the same tour went on sale last wknd and i bought it. Then, I sit and think to myself, what sense would it make if i paid $45 for a ticket when I can watch it at home as much as I want?

OMG people, make me see the light!
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The point of a concert is to actually being there. That's how it is to me anyways. I've seen a few bands that I absolutly hate on CD but kick ass in concert ::cough::Lifehouse::cough::

I guess the easiest point to boil down to is watching a porn vs. being in a porn.

That seems to be the best argument for internet folk anyways.

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hahaha - yeah, you have a strong argument there.
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I contribute nothing.
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I would much rather watch porn than be in porn..but I would much rather be at a concert than watching a concert.

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you don't always see everything on a dvd that actually happens in the concert.

i don't think a dvd can really convey the energy of a concert, and whats the point of watching a live concert if it an't live?
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