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winamp 3 is to slow

hello there,

Why is it that winamp 3 is so slow compared to the winamp 2 series ?
I stoped using winamp 3 because the load time takes to long.

And whatever happend to that new shoutcast window in the first beta version of winamp 3 before it ever came out? I thought that was a cool new thing and a lot easier and faster then to load one of those webpages.

I'm disepointed in you guys
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Try taking a look at the FAQ next time (http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....threadid=67254)

Why is Winamp3 slower then Winamp2?
Winamp3 is A LOT more powerful then Winamp 2, so yes it will take more system resources. Also, yes Winamp3 may not work on some of the older systems that Winamp 2 works on, but nobody is forcing you to upgrade to Winamp3. Winamp 2 will still be available. Remember when Winamp 2.0 first came out it took a lot more resources on the systems of the day. Unfortunately you cannot make a Next Generation software product without raising system requirements.

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