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Winamp Playback

My dell computer recently crashed. Somebody gave me a 2005 dell computer which they no longer wanted because it was a desktop and they had a new laptop. It seemed to work but of course I now had to download the features I lost omn my old computer. One of them was Winamp and the songs in iy. I did so and started filling up the jukebox with songs. Problem When I first start listening to the songs all is fine after about 5 or 6 songs the songs start to get distorted and it gets progressively worse. Is it the speakers .. This girl had something called Media Center on her computer which I did not have on mine could that be causing the problem. Do I need it it seems to play dvds which I do not use.Any suggestions would be appreciasted
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Hi Susansinkus,

In general, I suggest removing all software that you do not intend to use (that is not part of, or used by, the operating system). Windows' media center app should not interfere with Winamp. Remove all utilities associated with your sound device that are not used or needed. Apply all appropriate patches for your operating system. Update all DELL hardware device drivers to their latest versions (search DELL website, don't use Windows Update for hardware drivers. It often offers old or wrong drivers).

Distortion can be caused by many things (hardware and/or software). Unplug, look inside the case and carefully clean up any heavy dust accumulation. Check that all connections are secure. Does your new system have enough RAM? Is the total system usage when running Winamp less than 60% (monitor with the task manager's performance tab)? If the Windows media player plays these files without distortion, you could try DJ Egg's suggestions in the thread linked below for tweaking Winamp or for providing more info on your system.


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