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Compare current FLAC rippers

Hi, I use FLAC. All of the ripping software advice that I found is really old. Can Winamp or
Media Monkey compare with the seperate rippers for data quality? Right now what would people currently recomend?

Right now, I use Windows Vista. I have the current versions of Windows Media Player (I can't remove-tried.), Media Monkey, Winamp, Songbird, and Nero 8. What should I use for good quality? Are they comprable?

Plus all of my programs crash. Which one(s) are hardest to crash? Any known conflicts? It would be nice to eliminate some of them. Winamp ripped and played songs sound better than Media Monkey ripped and played songs. In MM I had the leveler boxes checked. Is Winamp's encoder better or did I just mess up the other player?

Plus with these programs how big of a library can I have before they start crashing? Basically I am just trying to figure out how I should be ripping and if there is something I can do to cut down on all of the crashes.

Thanks Much!
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If all programs use latest FLAC encoding library, there shouldn't be any noticeable differences.

In the end, it doesn't matter, if you rip with MM or with Winamp. Winamp's decoder doesn't sound better, neither does MM sound better than Winamp. Today, nearly all software players sound the same, there is no big difference in decoding.

The only thing, which can change the sound are Equalizer or DSP/Effect plugins. Also post proceeded effects (EAX), set in the config of your soundcard can change the sound.

If all of your programs crash, it's probably time for a fresh Windows install.
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Personal opinions (from an IT Engineer who gets to see a LOT of differently setup PCs of my clients...)

Nero - not impressed with this since they expanded from being a CD\DVD Writing program. I often find removing their dozens of extra applications from a PC will make it faster and more stable. I used to love Nero... but have lost faith with it over the last decade. Especially those badly coded, bolt on extras like the audio\video players.

Winamp - I am on Vista 64 and Winamp crashes for me are rare. I think most of the crashes I have had have been related to the RSS feeds downloading a podcast at the same moment as I try and kill Winamp.

Security products - not all Anti-Virus are made the same. I have seen Symantec, Bullguard, McAfee and AVG Security products make a mess of a Vista PC. Especially if they are not the exact latest versions. (Don't rely on Auto-Update on Security products as they rarely upgrade between PRODUCT versions)

Vista - make sure you have installed all the service packs. And if your installation is more than three years old.. it may be worth considering a clean backup and re-installation if crashes still continue.

Winamp - my library is 60,000 tracks and counting. No speed hassles working with the databse - even on the older XP PCs in the house. There should be no top limit where things crash... this is the beauty of databases.
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