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Bugs and features for WinAMP5

I've found two bugs in Winamp 5.0beta 10/13/03.
a) tooltips are shown on primary monitor and not on the monitor where winamp is located.

b) this happends when X-Mouse options is on (in Windows XP).
If you click on the main window and you scroll with the mouse wheel, sound volume changes. But then, when you move the mouse cursor (w/o clicking) to the playlist (you see playlist is selected because of the x-mouse) and then you try to scroll through the playlist with the mouse wheel, the volume changes (and playlist is not scholled). You have to click on the playlist's titlebar to 'really' select it and then mouse wheel works for scrolling.

I've got some feature requests too:
1) Database as in winamp 3. Somekind of local database which saves all files for fast ID-TAG loading. I don't think XML DB is fast enough. Maybe somekind of DB with good indexing?

2) Read all TAG data in background as in winamp3. When I drag a (big) list, I want WinAMP5 to start playing the first song and read the tag data on background.

3) move files in playlist as in winamp3, so when you select multiple files from different parts of the playlist, they placed in a row.
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