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Seven Wishes

1. Why you compile winamp.exe with 'default' classic skin? [928 kb]
I think you use this for compatibility with incomplete classic skins, but you may include an option to use a skin as 'default' for those are incomplete.
2. ‘Balance’ doesn’t influence ‘Beat Visualization’
3. When I click on ‘0 db’ in ‘Equalizer’, my settings don’t come back to ‘default’
4. Why you don’t introduce ‘Alt + Left Click’ on a playlist item like in Winamp3
5. ‘Advance Title Formatting’ good option, but it isn’t complete! foobar2000 has more commands, like ‘$tab’.
6. Menus aren’t skinned! Why? Fix this!
7. You will finalize experimental things in DirectSound Output (CPU usage control) and AVS (fullscreen overlay mode)?

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1. Not everyone wants Modern Skins. If you install it with no options there has to be some interface. This will never change.

2. It doesn't

3. It's susposed to do that

4. Search before posting

5. Winamp isn't foobar.

6. Done on purpose, the devlopers don't want them skined.
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