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Portable Devices Observations

I've noticed a few issues (inadequacies) with portable device support
1) when viewing tracks and playlists residing on the portable device within media library..
The "Library Options" "Double click or Enter in the Library" completely ignores my "Enqueue selected items" selection (it's always plays and in the process clears my current playlist)

2) Podcasts:
a) It's possible to specify the music directory and playlist directory per device, but it's not possible to specify a podcast directory. Winamp instead throws subscribed podcasts into the music dir and creates a podcasts playlist
b) this is a minor nit-pick... There's just a "sync x most recent episodes" option that applies to all podcasts. So that could be 1 minutes worth (Onion Radio) or 5 hours (This Week in Tech). Perhaps this could be a per/podcast option.. Or keep it global but add an option
"sync x most recent episodes" OR "sync up to x most recent minutes"

3) Playlists:
a) Why no send to playlist on device option? Only playlists not on my devices show up
b) I can view and play playlists on the device but there is no edit / drag-n-drop to sort or add. In order to edit, I must enqueue the playlist.. do my editing, CTRL-S.. browse and find the playlist file in the save-as dialog, and overwrite... it's simply non-intuitive and not user friendly
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