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Can't Add Media to Library, "Empty" Albums and Issues on Transfer to Mobile

Sorry for the long title but I've been having a whole slew of issues with WinAmp of late. I'll address them in a hopefully understandable fashion.

The three problems I'm having are thus:
- One (and only one) album is failing to add to the media library
- "Empty" albums (blank album art, no tracks listed) are showing up in my library even though the files don't physically exist.
- Perfectly good music files, MP3 and FLAC skip when transferred to my Android device... I've transferred it manually with the same results however so it's probably not WinAmp related, but any possible fixes are appreciated.

I've followed the proper instructions for a full clean install to no avail. I'm also not using any plugins and haven't changed any settings except for those concerning watched folders and such.

So said album is a rip from a CD I have. It functioned perfectly when it was in FLAC form. Issues started when I converted it from FLAC to MP3, deleted the FLACs and kept the MP3s. Now WinAmp won't let me add the MP3s to my library, even though it plays them perfectly. I've tried every method I know to get them in there... dragging and dropping, enqueuing and adding from there, playing them with WinAmp set to add any played files to the library, "add media to library", watched folders. No luck. I don't have this problem for any other albums.

As for the mobile issue, the extent I can say of it is that every player I've tried skips or encounters decoder errors on a whole variety of MP3s and FLACs, I've replaced them several times. The device otherwise functions normally.

Any ideas? This is confusing the hell out of me, and that happens to be my favorite album.
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