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Stuck at Discovering devices, using 100% of one CPU core

I used to be able to sync my Android phone by usb with Winamp. I have not synced for some time and when I went to do a sync over usb a couple day ago I ran into a problem.
Winamp detects my phone, the pop up comes up telling me Winamp has detected an Android device on E: and ask if I want Winamp to manage this device. I click yes to the pop up but then Winamp just sits there, it says on the bottom on the window beside the "Discover" button that it's "Discovering devices..."
I can continue to use the rest of Winamp, but it will not finish discovering my phone. It also consumes 100% of one of my cores well it is discovering, and it will continuing using that core until I end the process in the task manager. Even when I close Winamp the process stay running using 100% of one core and the only way to get Winamp to open again is to end the process in task manager.
I can connect just fine using WiFi, but I don't want to sync with WiFi because I don't want all my music in the root folder of my phone.
I've tried uninstalling Winamp on both my phone and PC. I've tried removing the Android Device Plug-in. Nothing seems to work. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit and Android 2.2 on a Captivate.
This is stating to drive me nuts, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I guess no one else has experienced this problem?
I installed Winamp on another one of my computers and tried syncing over usb and I got the exact same problem, so obviously it's an issue with my phone and not the computer. I guess my next step would be to remove everything off my SD card, format it and try again. I've been trying to avoid this option.
I think the last time I synchronized over usb was before I updated my phone to 2.2, so maybe something happened in the upgrade process.
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Old 14th July 2011, 06:12   #3
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Have the exact same problem

I have the exact same problem and didn't realise about the cores until I came here and read this. I do not have the same problem with the cores, however Winamp is just stuck at 'Discovering devices...'

As the SD card in the Blackberry comes up as a drive in Windows Explorer, I can copy the files over, but this defeats the object of the sync!
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Hmmm, how is this still an issue? Right now I'm sitting here waiting for my Galaxy Nexus to appear in Winamp... it always appears eventually, but it takes like 5 minutes stuck on "discovering devices"...

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