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Can't stream music + mic at the same time

I've been trying to troubleshoot this for a few days now - I'm trying to stream my music while also being able to mic over it intermittently for virtual DJing. When my input is set to Winamp it picks up the music just fine, and when I set it over to my soundcard it only picks up my mic and doesn't play the music (or I've been told it plays the music very, VERY quietly on occasion, and I can't seem to turn it up).

I'm using Windows 10. I've tried messing with my playback/recording settings in a variety of ways, using a virtual audio cable to stream the music audio... and I can still only seem to pick up my mic. Not sure what to do at this point, and all the troubleshooting I seem to find is outdated or not working for me period.

Please help if you can! I would rather not have to get a whole new program for something that seems like it should be a simple fix in theory.
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You could use a virtual audio mixer such as Voicemeeter to pick up your Microphone and out put the sound the soundcard output you need.

If nothing else it'll help you sound more professional, I had issues with the Mic button in Winamp way back in 2003 it didn't shut off and people still heard what I was saying it was all rather embarrassing.

You also might want to check out other software such as A standalone encoder that would pick the final audio up from the soundcard you choose.

Anything that makes the task easier has to worth a shot surely? You have to put some work into sounding professional it doesn't come easy.
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