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dual monitor issues

okay, i have an nvidia gf4 ti4400, and i'm trying to get milkdrop running fullscreen on monitor #2 (which is the second output on the video card).

the issue arises in that i can't choose monitor #2 as the output device in milkdrop config.. like, it's there in the dropdown box, but whenever i re-open the options dialog, it reverts to device #1.

now, they both have the same name (it's the same card, after all), so i presume that has something to do with it.

however, i can run geiss2 fine (which uses a similar dialog).

(just for testing sake, i set the dualhead settings to span both monitors, and i move the window to the #2 monitor and set it to fullscreen/desktop (either way, both fail) and it opens on the #1 monitor - not spanned, not on monitor #2)

kinda weird, it bummed me out. i was looking forward to milkdrop on monitor #2. oh well.

any help is tops! :]

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