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Anyone know where to find a working install for Cubes Visualization plugin?

Hello fellow Winamp die-hards -- glad to see this site is back up running AND that I'm not the only crazy person out there who recognizes the value of a unique program like Winamp that allows the niche segment of online media consumers who DON'T want to just let the big A & G control everything about our media experience under the assumption that we aren't qualified to control the bitrate, output mode, sample rate, channel support, etc that a "legacy product" like Winamp was so famous for allowing us.

Anyway, with that brief introduction out of the way, I'm wondering if anybody knows where I might find a WORKING installation package for an old Winamp 3d visualization plugin called Cubes 3d. The setup pkg that I have saved is titled "Cubes_Visualization_for_WA2.rar" but is corrupted and I can't repair it. I've looked all over and haven't been able to find the original intact setup. It was a rather obscure vis plugin, I think, but as with so many niche products that become obscure over time, the specific options & functionality Cubes 3d had were important to me and I regret not being able to find the software package to reinstall all these years later.

Anyway, if Cubes 3d vis rings a bell with anybody let me know please?

Many thanks. Looking forward to whatever Winamp is reincarnated as for this new era (as long as they keep the extensively modifiable options intact from the older version.... the best way to stand out in this era of online media sites, and idiot-proof mediaplayers that tell you 256kbps mp3 is "high quality" are a dime a dozen. It's time companies like Winamp take the intiative to start explaining to people that their music could sound so much better if they just took the time to consider why they even buy music if they're not itnerested in how it sounds when Ichoons or GPlay set every streaming, quality, and audio option to optimize THEIR bandwidth and THEIR players performance/compatibility. I look forward to the day when people finally wake up and realize that letting the distribution channels control every aspect of what you're allowed to buy and how you're allowed to experience it, they're basically saying none of it is important enough to bother considering further anyway. IMO, those people should stop buying music/media files altogether. I hear A.M. radio plays music for free, and it's really not far behind standard mp3 quality from many of the leading sites out there.

(sorry to digress off topic a bit.... my first post here, kinda novel to find other die-hard Winamp loyalists refusing to let it go even long after Nullsoft has (had?). Thanks all!
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