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Really slow load

I'm running on Windows Xp sp3. I have .mp3 files associated with winamp so I can just double click on an mp3 file and it will launch winamp and start playing. Normally it takes less than a second for winamp to launch and start playing. The problem is, with this new version, sometimes if I close winamp and somewhat quickly double click on another mp3, winamp will often just sit in memory for up to 30 seconds, before it finally displays and starts to play the song. When it does finally appear, it only partially paints itself on the screen and the scrolling marquee of the artist and song title scrolls at warp speed as if it's trying to catch up with buffered data perhaps, and then after several seconds of that, the rest of the winamp paints on the screen and the marquee slows down to its normal speed and all is well. I can't duplicate this every attempt, but with in a few trys, of closing winamp and double clicking on another mp3, I can get it to mess up again. Interestingly, if I check winamp in Windows task manager, it is using 0% cpu while it is just sitting in memory waiting to display, so I'm not sure if its waiting for something from the previous instance to unload or timeout???

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