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Gapless CD playback for sequential tracks?

No matter what Output plug-in I use (Maiko WASAPI, DirectSound, WaveOut - I strongly prefer Maiko WASAPI), some of my CDs that have sequential tracks (that are supposed to seamlessly continue from one song to the next) don't have a perfect gapless and seamless sound. Strangely though, this doesn't affect all of the track transitions on the CDs in question.

For a specific example, I have Dream Theater's Metropolis PT. 2: Scenes From a Memory CD. When transitioning from track 3 to 4, I hear the transition as a type of a click sound, as though it's an extremely tiny gap. I hear the gap, but I don't hear the dead space in between. When I play this CD in Windows Media Player 12, it's flawless. So, I want that flawless and seamless playback in Winamp, but I don't know how to get it.

To continue on that example, it's perfectly seamless/gapless/flawless when transitioning from tracks 4 to 5. When going from tracks 6 to 7, I hear the change. Like with 3 to 4, there's no gap, but I can still hear the transition. Windows Media Player 12 has no problem with this, just like it doesn't have a problem with the transition from track 3 to 4.

The same thing happens when going from track 11 to 12: no gap, but I can hear the transition, and WMP 12 had no issue with it whatsoever.

I'm using Winamp Full 5.666 Build 3516. Can you help?
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