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NAT device blues

Okay, I'm one of a growing list of newbies that can't get it together, so shoot me. But I use MSN DSL, and I feel like I should be able to get this done. However, I get the "we can't see you because of the NAT Device" message as well. Is there a workaround for this? MSN can't seem to get it together, and they're telling me that there is no way to get around it. They don't know when the NAT turn-off page will be ready, and I think I'm getting ripped. What to do?
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Are the necessary ports open in your firewall and are they being forwarded to the DNAS machine?

Check out http://www.radiotoolbox.com/cantheygetin and see if the reported information there helps.

Additionally, check out these posts:

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That was a great link and it was very informative. However, it rendered this message:

Reason Given: Connection refused
More about this error: This essentially means that the port is open to the internet but has no services associated with it. There is no firewall protection on this port.

Exactly what does "no services" refer to? Is there more software I have to install? If so, SHOUTcast didn't say all that.
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if MSN is using a NAT device on your connection then they will have to turn it off in order for you to serve.
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