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MP3 Website

I was looking for a utility that would allow me to have access to the MP3s on ym work computer (much fater than home computer) and thought WWWinamp was the solution. However I'm led to believe that is not right. Could someone help me see the error of my ways or point me in the right direction?


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I don't know if i'm understanding u right, but it sounds to me like u have Mp3's on your work computer and want to access it from home. Your right, they aren't accessible from WinAmp if they are on a remote computer. If u want access to them u will either have to upload them online, then go home and download them, or e-mail them to yourself and download them to your home computer, the easiest solution would be going to download.com or something and getting an FTP server program, setting it up on your work computer, writing down your IP and accessing from home, but it would take a little time to download. Personally if I was in that situation I would use FTP, but if your not too advanced with computers I would go with e-mailing them to yourself and downloading them at home. It's up to you, u could start a SHOUTcast station, write down your IP and access from home, but then u wouldn't actually have the Mp3's, it would just be streamable on your computer at home, and u couldn't really decide what order u want them to play in unless u set the order at work. I hope this info helps.
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Thanks, SC, that does help.
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