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Grand Theft Auto Vice City

this game kicks ass. post what you like about it etc. i love the motorcycles and the soundtrack!

i just got a boner when i was riding my dirtbike down the street shooting at a car and then the guy got out and ran away so i popped a wheelie then mac 10'd his ass! its great.

In space no one can hear you scream.
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Pfft, you ought to live a day in my shoes when I step away from the keyboard.
I've thought of suing them for basing the game on my life's experiences

Guy never mac 10'd me when I was running the other direction, pissing my pants(trousers for you Brits)
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Originally posted by ElChevelle
(trousers for you Brits)
Pantaloons for you French
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/me is still waiting for Amazon's delivery monkey to post the game to me...

as he faced the sun, he cast no shadow
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