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How to delete duplicate songs in library

I have version 5.601. Although my music folders contain no duplicates, when I added all my music to the Winamp library, many songs got doubled, tripled and even quadrupled in the library. I have searched the forums for a way to delete the dupes, but many posts are very old, so I'm not sure what the current solution is. I saw one post that said a plug-in is required. But when I went to the plug-in description, it said nothing about removing duplicate songs. Is this information still current? Is the plug-in needed for deleting dupes?

I have given up trying to understand how/why this duplication mess happens -- it's the main reason I gave up on iTunes -- it made a huge mess of my music by duplicating files even in my main music folders in addition to the library itself. However, I don't think the current Winamps problem is related. I cleaned up my music files completely before adding them to Winamps, and I did NOT opt to import my iTunes library when I added the files.

Is there no way to PREVENT this duplicating issue from occurring?
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Duplicated songs

I had the same problem.

Delete any personal view or smart view that you had previosly defined
Erase the library using "Preferences" in the "Options" Menu, do not erase directly in the winamp display.

You will need to re-define the entire file selection for the library local media, as well as your smart views << it will take you only few seconds >>

It works fine for me.

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