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BeatDrop2077 : my small attempt to make BeatDrop a little better :)

Hey lovely people,

I managed to recompile BeatDrop Music Visualizer with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
It took me a week just for that as I don't code in c++


To recompile the exe without any fatal error, you'll need to install too the DirectX SDK (DXSDK_Jun10.exe)
from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/down...s.aspx?id=6812
(Windows Update needs to be enabled for installing the DirectX SDK)

Here is what I had to change to be able to recompile BeatDrop:
[replaced, line:10] #include "afxres.h" >>> #include "WinResrc.h"

[added,line:41] #include <string>
[replaced,line:431] std::wstring >>> std::string

[replaced, line:17] <WindowsTargetPlatformVersion>10.0.14393.0 >>> <WindowsTargetPlatformVersion>10.0
[replaced, line:22] <PlatformToolset>v141 >>> <PlatformToolset>v142
[replaced, line:28] <PlatformToolset>v141 >>> <PlatformToolset>v142
[replaced, line:132] <AdditionalIncludeDirectories>..\..\musikcube\src;C:\Program Files >>> <AdditionalIncludeDirectories>C:\Program Files
[added,line:146] <DisableSpecificWarnings>4996</DisableSpecificWarnings>

[removed,line:1065] m_presetHistory[i] = L"";
[removed,line:6298] m_presetHistory[0] = m_szCurrentPresetFile;
[removed,line:6873] LoadPreset( m_presetHistory[m_presetHistoryPos].c_str(), fBlendTime);
[removed,line:6915] LoadPreset( m_presetHistory[m_presetHistoryPos].c_str(), fBlendTime);
[removed,line:7185] m_presetHistory[m_presetHistoryPos] = szPresetFilename;
As you can see I had to remove a few lines in the plugin.cpp file for the m_presetHistory,
I had this error example for the line 1065 : C2679 binary '=': no operator found which takes a right-hand operand of type 'const wchar_t [1]' (or there is no acceptable conversion)
Any idea how to fix that?

Here is the list of tweaks I added:
m_max_fps_fs = 0; (0 for 'unlimited')
m_max_fps_w = 0; (0 for 'unlimited')
m_show_press_f1_msg = 0;
m_save_cpu = 0;
m_nCanvasStretch = 100; (100=None, much better quality)
m_nTexSizeX = -1; (-1 = exact match to screen, much better quality)
m_nTexSizeY = -1; (-1 = exact match to screen, much better quality)
m_nGridX = 64; (nMeshSize)
m_nMaxImages = 64;
m_nMaxBytes = 2000000000;
So technically, BeatDrop2077 should run better than the normal version!

Download : https://github.com/milkdrop2077/Beat...tDrop.2077.zip
it comes with 10 epic presets

Please if you code in c++ and see something wrong let me know!
I would like to add the latest small update from wacup to BeatDrop (like see more lines of text),
shouldn't be too hard comparing the code from https://github.com/WACUP/vis_milk2 with https://winmerge.org/ right?
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