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hello. winamp has no problem playing mp3's or m3u's, but it can't play cda files. i'm surprised, isn't that one of the basic things? when i setup winamp, i checked the boxes that associated winamp with cda files, and having winamp automatically start up when i insert an audio cd.
well, winamp doesn't automatically start up when i insert an audio cd. so i add the tracks using the add dir. when i double click on a track, i can see that it's playing, but i don't hear anything. i've seen other explanations and solutions to this problem using cd_reader files (or something like that) and checking your sound cards and whatever.
could some one explain those to me using very simple terms? i'm not very good with computers. like explain step to step please. how can i check my sound card? (i.e. on the desktop open my computer, c:, etc.) thanks a bunch.
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Start -> Run -> sndvol32 -> OK -> Under CD Player make sure the volume is not all the way down and muted.

Try playing Audio CDs with other players if they still don't play and you are 100% sure the volume is not turned down it might be the audio cable. That's hardware and in your case, don't touch it.

And it is CDDA not cda files. They aren't even files. its what Windows uses to show audio CDs. Compact Disc Digital Audio.

So, check the volume and see if that helps.

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thank you for your help. i was able to solve the problem.
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