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Winamp Open Source - A new possibility?

A few days ago, Benski told us that there hasn't really been much done to Winamp yet but that there will be a new release in the future which will remove the protected AOL Code and some things like Gracenote. Wouldn't that be a chance to make the "cleaned" version of Winamp open source? It would probably keep the player alive at least instead of dead for another two or more years after that featureless new release.
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I agree. IMO, that is the only chance to keep the player alive:

Originally Posted by ariszlo View Post
I do not think that the time will ever come back when people will pay for a music player but they are still willing to pay for a good service. Now that telecommunication companies are giving away free cell phones with their names on it, it is also possible that companies like Vivendi may support a free (or even opensource) music player with their names on it.

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a player can be free and still be monetized, via a service, like shoutcast or a player store built into the app, (like itunes did). a high visibility player like winamp also has a lot of worth as pure branding for marketing mindshare, so that alone can justify its expense to develop, esp if you tie it closely to other products or services.

i do like the idea of going open source with it, but i seriously doubt that serves Vivendi's interests. i also seriously doubt they would buy it only to let it rot; i only worry that they may do a mega change that ruins the player, like what happened when yahoo bought musicmatch, but i think its only fair to wait and see before we start getting upset.

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We can only hope that they don't ruin the player. Having it open source would not only keep it alive, but also allow for different flavours of it, so for example if they make a change ruins it, the community could have an own version that doesn't have that included. Radionomy/Vivendi aren't going to care about Winamp forever. If this piece of computer history would be open sourced, it could be kept alive and fixed in case a future version of Windows (10.5? 11? Who knows?) breaks it.
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