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I dont get this?

ok I know you have to make a asx file to stream in wmp! I think ive been doing it right but every time my friend tryes to play it, it dosent work!!!

heres what ive been doing

<ASX version = "3.0">

<Abstract>: Janus Radio</Abstract>

<Title> Janus Radio </Title>

<Author> The Janus Radio Network </Author>

<Copyright> 2005 Janus Radio Network</Copyright>

<Ref href="http://janusradio.homeip.net:8000" />

heres what happens http://janusradio.homeip.net/janusradio.asx

it still dosent work! Ive been looking on here to find out how to do this asx thing and nothing has helped me, so someone please help me!!!
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this isnt help with asx files, this is help on shoutcast
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Does the /listen.pls link to your station work?

-- Michael
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you may need to enable mime on the web host

assosiate mime to asx in your cp and that might do the trick,

this link might help
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Your ASX file is formatted incorrectly! You must have used Word or Wordpad because it contains RTF formatting. That's your issue.

Fix: Use *notepad* to create your ASX file. Just open it, and paste the code into it from your post above. Save as .ASX
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