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APE, TTA and WV files with Æ sign play only from drive C on Windows 10

A peculiar bug I have stumbled upon

If a file is either in the Monkey's Audio APE], True Audio [TTA] and WavPack [WV] audio format and its filename has in it the

sign somewhere, then it can only be played in Winamp when that file is located on drive C. Clicking on that file when it is located on a drive that has any other letter [D, M, T etc.] only loads it to the Winamp but does not play it in case of APE and WV, while in case of TTA results with a pop up box containing an error message saying
Can't open file:
[where that >>A<< stands always where >>Æ<< should be; so for example the message displays "Lux Aterna" instead of the clicked "Lux Æterna"]

And what is interesting / what I have noticed so far:

1] If that very same file is located on drive C and the shortcut to it is created and then that shortcut is moved and placed on other drive- then it can be played. In other words: LNK shortcut file residing on e.g. drive D when clicked on that drive, suddenly is able to successfully execute playback of the audio file in Winamp which is located on drive C. But it does not work the other way around: a LNK on drive C will not play an APE / TTA / WV file with >>Æ<< that is located on some other drive

2] It does not matter if a file is clicked [thus sent to Winamp from] Windows Explorer, FreeCommander [Build 770 32-bit public] or Mp3tag [3.00c]. The result is always the same: negative

3] Other players do not seem to have such problem. I tested VLC Media Player Vetinari and Media Player Classic 1.9.1. I can drag and drop files to them from the three aforementioned pieces of software in apparently any audio format

4] All audio formats on my operating system are associated with Winamp. But I tested associating APE with the two aforementioned other players and then they had no problem with playback of file containing >>Æ<< sign

5] Formats FLAC, MP3, M4A WAV, WMA can have Æ sign it their filenames and be played form drives other than C. They behave normal, i.e. like all of the other of my audio files

6] I did not had that problem a year ago when I ws still using Windows 7 x64

So at first it seems that it is a problem of plugins that I am using. But that [unpractical] workaround with LNKs in overall and TTA's error message in particular prove that it is the fault of the operating system - because Winamp in theory cannot process the >>Æ< sign but the LNK shortcuts somehow make them digestible for Winamp [most likely by turining >>Æ< into >>A<<]

I am using

Winamp 5.8 Build 3666 Beta


WavPack Decoder v2.8.1
Conifer Software
build date Nov 9 2010

TTA Audio Decoder v3.5 (x86)

Monkey's Audio Player v4.18
Matthew T. Ashland


Windows 10 Enterprise x64 18362.535
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ape, lnk, no playback, tta, wma

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