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Sticky Ape Tags

If you choose to uncheck the ape tags but follow that with copy idv2 or idv1 you'll have to recheck it and then uncheck it again.
The other way around will give the novelty of removing the ape tag. It seems as though ape tags are directly overrides information in idv2 tags?-- that is if you copy idv2 to idv1 before removing the ape tag (removing the ape tag and then reopeing the file)... However, if you simply uncheck idv1 after copying it to idv2 there'll be no sneaky ape coming back to alter your file tag... aslong as you uncheck the ape tag after copying to idv2.

Also, if you delete the present tag (clear its contents) and create a new ape tag-- either leaving it blank or clicking copy idv1 or idv2 followed by accepting changes will crash winamp.... oh hmmm... is it possible to transfer this thread to the core bug forum?

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i believe you are probably reporting [a] real issue[s], but what you've written is confusing and unhelpful.

what you need to do, is give step by step reproduction instructions for each separate case of something "going wrong" as well as give the OS and winamp ver.

be aware that a bug was addressed with ape in this version, b/c previously you couldn't delete ape tags in the view info dialog.

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i'm using an xp, with the 5.6 winamp... confusing.... hmm... step by step maybe?

open song with ape tag
right click on file and click view file info
uncheck ape tag
in either of the id3 tags- (copy idv1 to idv2 or copy idv2 to idv1)
click ok
reopen file info
ape tag still present

(to fix- recheck then uncheck ape tag again and the ape tag will be removed upon update)

In the notes there are circumstance issues I found as well (although I guess they're all circumstance issues.)

open song with ape tag
right click on file and click view file info
open ape tag
click delete all
click add new
click ok (or copy tags in either idv2 or idv1*)
winamp will crash

I found it interesting that even though you've placed new data into a new ape tag it stills crashes*

Of course, you can follow up with a workaround to deal with the bug.

open file with ape tag
right click on file and click view file info
either copy idv1 to idv2 or vise-versa or uncheck idv1 or idv2 (before unchecking the ape tag)
once finished updating information uncheck ape tag
ape tag will be gone and you will not have to recheck or re-uncheck or open file again and delete ape tag again (whichever floats your boat)

The last bit there (referring to first post) was just a mere observation. It seems as though if the ape tag is present any attempt at copying idv2 to idv1 will result in the ape tag info being placed in idv1.
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